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Buddy Read & Rant #8: Dark Waters

Jonny: I'm Jonny, overworked grad student, author, and lover of all things macabre. You can check out some of my spooky stories here. Iseult: Hi, I’m Iseult, indie author, book blogger, and cryptozoological oddity from Ireland's ancient east. Click here to buy my books. This buddy read and rant is for Dark Waters (Small Spaces… Continue reading Buddy Read & Rant #8: Dark Waters

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Dark Waters by Katherine Arden

It’s been over six months since the events of Halloween when Ollie, Coco and Brian first met The Smiling Man, and over three since their second run in with him after Christmas. Terrified of meeting him again, the three friends have hit the books in the hope of finding a way to get him out… Continue reading Dark Waters by Katherine Arden

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Ghost Girl by Ally Malinenko

11 year old Zee lives with her older sister, Abby, in the quiet town of Knobbs Ferry. The hardships of loss and poverty have done nothing to dampen the flame of creativity that fills Zee, and she loved sharing her stories with her only friend, Elijah. After a storm hits the town, a newcomer seems… Continue reading Ghost Girl by Ally Malinenko

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Book Launch: The Spooks by Dan Soule

Released today is horror author Dan Soule’s first foray into middle grade horror. This collection of 17 super short stories is sure to delight children with its mixture of fun, silly, gross and thoughtful horror. Aimed for the reluctant reader, each story is flash length and written simply, to encourage interest in the written word.… Continue reading Book Launch: The Spooks by Dan Soule

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Quicksilver and Brimstone by Elizabeth Eckstein

After unwittingly releasing a villain from his centuries old prison, 12 year old Matthew Nightingale is inducted into the secret order or alchemists that live parallel to the known world. However, is the Great Pantomeus finished with him? Will Matthew know enough as an aspiring alchemist to protect himself when he comes for him? The… Continue reading Quicksilver and Brimstone by Elizabeth Eckstein