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Review: Planet Scumm Issue #14

I love Planet Scumm. Each issue is better than the last. Issue #14 is titled Extinction Events, and contains 8 exceptional stories about life, death, and what comes after.  First up is Maxine Sophia Wolff’s dark fantasy tale, Come the Banshee. There’s transformation, body horror, and sea shanty’s in this powerful tale of omens and… Continue reading Review: Planet Scumm Issue #14

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Book Review: Mirrorblink by Jason Sanford

Ein is a young woman living on a post apocalyptic Earth. Humanity is comprised of people who live in towns and record their memories, and those who live on the land and believe that their memories should follow them to the grave. Overseeing everything are the Observers, terrifying humanoid creatures that patrol the towns and… Continue reading Book Review: Mirrorblink by Jason Sanford

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Book Review: Tank by Kathleen Contine

A prequel to Contine’s space opera novel, Metal Bones, Tank tells the story of the titular alien who longs to prove himself worthy of competing in the Ceremony. In a coming of age test of strength, only those who prove victorious in the Ceremony are able to leave the village to seek their fortune on… Continue reading Book Review: Tank by Kathleen Contine

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Launch of exciting new Science Fiction and Fantasy Imprint

I’ve read some pretty great books from Bookouture over the years, with authors Ceri Lowe and Jessica Thorne being particular favorites, so I’m excited about their launch of a new imprint dedicated to science fiction and fantasy books. Sounds to me like a win for both readers and writers! Here’s their press release. I’ll be… Continue reading Launch of exciting new Science Fiction and Fantasy Imprint

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You don’t scare me, 2023!

Okay, you do scare me, but I thought I should start the year strong. This month I’m taking part in Bloganuary, which encourages regular blogging by providing a daily prompt. Today’s question is: What is something you want to achieve this year? My answer is: Publish more books. Last year I got organized with my… Continue reading You don’t scare me, 2023!