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Book Launch: The Martian Diaries Volumes 1 & 2 by H E Wilburson

Released today, the ebook versions of the first two volumes in the gripping sequel to The War of the Worlds, The Martian Diaries. I enjoyed listening to The Day of the Martians and The Lake on the Moon last year. The narration, music and special effects were all excellent. However, I much prefer to read… Continue reading Book Launch: The Martian Diaries Volumes 1 & 2 by H E Wilburson

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FREE books!

Love science fiction and fantasy? Love free stuff? Looking for something new to read? Want to choose from 32 free novels and short stories and discover your new favorite author? Of course you do! Click here to check out the free books I’ve already availed of all the books and I’m looking forward to reading… Continue reading FREE books!

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Reaper Aftermath by Jonathan Pongratz

It’s been five years since the fateful Halloween night when Gregory and Trent killed a reaper in an attempt to rescue Gregory’s sister, Imogene. Five years of struggle and death, while the reapers colonization of Earth continues unabated. Reduced to a handful of survivors, Gregory lives a miserable existence, wrecked with guilt. He seems to… Continue reading Reaper Aftermath by Jonathan Pongratz

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Blog Tour: Orange City by Lee Matthew Goldberg

As part of the Blackthorn book tours publicity tour, I’m reviewing Lee Matthew Goldberg’s terrifyingly good nightmare, Orange City. About the book Imagine a secret, hidden City that gives a second chance at life for those selected to come: felons, deformed outcasts, those on the fringe of the Outside World. Everyone gets a job, a place… Continue reading Blog Tour: Orange City by Lee Matthew Goldberg

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Space Murder by NL Haverstock

Want to read a cozy mystery in space that has a dinosaur creature as a mechanic? Heck yeah! Liz Laika was once the brightest and best the Fleet had to offer, but now she’s slumming it as captain to a beat up old freight carrier running supply deliveries. When a passenger is murdered and Liz… Continue reading Space Murder by NL Haverstock