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Moon Sitting by EM Harding

After a celestial body crashes into Infinity, killing billions, the survivors set up a constant watch of three observers to act as an early warning system in case the mysterious object should further damage the planet. Plagued by nightmares of the object, one of the moon-sitters, Lucky, is driven to find out more about the… Continue reading Moon Sitting by EM Harding

book review, science fiction

Tesato’s Code by Karen Bayly

In a future world run by corporations, an assassin realizes her fellow assassins are being picked off one by one, and she will have to keep her wits about her in order to survive. This novella reminded me of Brave New World, where humanity is sorted into grades of worthiness and the masses are controlled… Continue reading Tesato’s Code by Karen Bayly

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A Voice in the Silence by D.L. Finn

Recently widowed, Drea has the added suffering of losing her animal companions, leaving her alone and depressed. Her adult son is distanced from her due to a toxic marriage, adding more pain to Drea. At the start of the book, she’s in a dark place and contemplating ending her life. However, the arrival of a… Continue reading A Voice in the Silence by D.L. Finn

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Alien Safari: White Water by Robert Appleton

While conducting a river tour on the alien planet she calls home, Jan and her dog Stopper see a little girl fall into the river just as a storm hits them. Stopper jumps in to save the girl, but the storm whips them away into the night. Elsewhere in the galaxy, Vaughn watches in amazement… Continue reading Alien Safari: White Water by Robert Appleton

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Planet Scumm Issue #13: Something Up Ahead

Planet Scumm is such a nicely produced magazine. The print issue comes in a lovely compact, pocket sized soft bound edition with a full colour cover, and both the print and ebook contain Maura Mcgonagle’s beautiful illustrations, which add a lot to the stories. This issue is packed full of delightfully dark speculative horror fiction.… Continue reading Planet Scumm Issue #13: Something Up Ahead