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Trio of Terror by Richard H Fay

Three of the author’s previously published horror short stories brought together in one slim volume for ease of reading. The first story, The Redcap of Glamtallon, concerns a young woman and her boyfriend finding more than they bargained for when they go ghost hunting in a Scottish castle at night. There is a creepy vibe… Continue reading Trio of Terror by Richard H Fay

book review, horror

The Ash by Dan Soule

Non stop action from the first to the last page, The Ash is a locomotive of an alien invasion story. Policeman Jim Castle wants to get home to his son when the aliens arrive in cataclysmic explosions, but one obstacle after another prevents him from obtaining his goal. With the whole world out to get… Continue reading The Ash by Dan Soule

book review, horror

Devolution by Max Brooks

Man and nature collide in this chilling book by the author of World War Z. Following in the tradition of adventure novellists such as H Rider Haggard, and horror authors such as H P Lovecraft, Max Brooks crafts his new epistolary novel around the framework of the diary of Kate Holland, supplemented by various interviews,… Continue reading Devolution by Max Brooks

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Girl in the Water by Peter James Martin

If you like private detectives, urban fantasy and humor, this is a story for you! Brennan, and his possessed rat partner, Riz, have been hired to get rid of a water ghoul in the river Tees. Unfortunately, when it seems too good to be true it usually is, and the job doesn’t run as smoothly… Continue reading Girl in the Water by Peter James Martin

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August in Review

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