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Bleeding Orchid by Ruth Anne Garcia

A personal collection of poems that is sure to have a strong emotional impact on anyone who has experienced a major illness. The book contains 55 poems, themed around the three categories of Diagnosis, Sickness and Surgeries, and Remission and Beyond. Each poem is a heartfelt, personal outpouring of the author’s soul as she shares… Continue reading Bleeding Orchid by Ruth Anne Garcia

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An Untoward Bliss of Moons by Terrie Leigh Relf

A collection of science fiction poetry that takes the reader to new worlds. There are 78 poems held captive between the covers of this slim volume. While all are science fiction, some of the poems have a horror element, while others are more metaphysical. I’ve spoken before about my difficulties with reviewing poetry. I’ve not… Continue reading An Untoward Bliss of Moons by Terrie Leigh Relf

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Wet Water by WB Welch

35 poems of lust, love and all things relationship, in this collection by horror author, WB Welch. Dark, intense and full of adult language, these poems outline the progression of a romantic relationship - from first lust, intense physical attraction, to comfortable intimacy, then heart ache and irritation, before finally something more akin to love.… Continue reading Wet Water by WB Welch

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December Book Reviews

For the month of December I took part in Megan Tennant’s Indiecember Reading Challenge. It was great fun reading so many self published books, and finding new authors. I didn't get to read as many books this month as I wanted to, but it means I have more to look forward to in January. Click… Continue reading December Book Reviews

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Stranger Paths by R.J Zarkani

Raghad Jabbar Zarkani grew up in Iraq, survived a war and now lives in the U.S. These are her poems. Divided into three parts; Part I Contains poems of her life in Iraq during wartime, her childhood experiences of Saddam Hussein and the way people treat her as an immigrant. Part II has poems that… Continue reading Stranger Paths by R.J Zarkani